iaidlogo2I Aid is a global, voluntary, non-profit humanitarian organisation that was established in 2010 with the purpose to aid vulnerable people worldwide and to promote social equality, cooperation and sustainable global development.
We are an independent, politically neutral and non-denominational organisational platform, open to all individuals and groups who wish to support positive social change with honest intentions and peaceful actions anywhere in this world. We come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds but we share our skills and unite our resources, to support the sustainable evolution of humanity. We have wide experience working with public health and civil society development in various environments around the world, and all of us share a common vision: We want to live in a world where all children can freely grow to their full potentials.
Our Aim:
To assist marginalised children, individuals and groups in their efforts to overcome social barriers and to inspire them in creating positive change for their life, their society and the world.

Our Values:

Human Rights and Equal Opportunities for everyone.

We would like to invite everybody to join us in our mission to reduce poverty and social injustice. Find out about our mission and services and how you can make a difference